Signature 100% Whey Isolate

Our Signature 100% Whey Isolate has only whey isolate for fast absorption and digestion -without any concentrates or blends - to give you fast protein absorption to feed muscles when you need it most. Whey protein isolate is protein at its best. It has been filtered to remove the majority of the lactose, fat and carbs, making it higher in protein, leaner, and faster digesting than standard whey protein. Its quick release of amino acids is ideal for supporting post-workout muscle growth and recovery. Signature Isolate is delicious and fits any clean-eating plan with just 1 gram of sugar, minimal lactose, and only 1 gram of fat. -25g High-Quality Whey Isolate Protein -Supports Lean Muscle Growth* -Supports Muscle Recovery* -Fast Digestion & Absorption to Fuel Muscles* All fitness goals need high-quality sources of protein to support your muscles and fuel results. Signature 100% Whey Isolate is a delicious protein that encourages muscle recovery and supports muscle growth. Stay on track with your goals without hurting your macros. This formula is ideal to support muscle recovery and growth after workouts or throughout the day as a healthy snack. It's mixes easily in water, milk, or your favorite beverage for a delicious protein kick. Mix it in with oatmeal for a powerful performance breakfast.