Cellucor C4 Smart Energy Sticks

NATURAL ENERGY ANYTIME, EVERYWHERE. C4 Smart Energy® Stick Packs are your on-the-go energy boost when you need it most. Simply mix one packet with water, shake, and get energized with 200mg of natural caffeine. Natural caffeine from green coffee bean extract. SHARPENS MENTAL FOCUS Get ready to boost your mental game! C4 Smart Energy® is clinically studied to elevate focus, concentration, recall, mental multi-tasking, and gaming performance. BOOST METABOLISM & SUPPORT FAT LOSS Designed to fuel your goals, mentally and physically, C4 Smart Energy® Stick Packs accelerate calorie burning, boost metabolism, and support fat loss. In combination with a calorie reduced diet designed for weight loss and an active lifestyle, C4 Smart Energy® supports fat loss by increasing calorie expenditure.